When Not To Trade and When Not To Loose Money

The most important part of successful trading is knowing when not to lose money, when not to trade and when not to waste time staring at corrective markets for hours.

Corrections are very narrow, choppy ranges that play out across all instruments on average 40% of the time. In day trading it can be as much as 80% of the time. This was the case with this week’s entire Monday and most of Thursday.

Avoiding these times in the markets Is Key to Trading Success, watch the video.

Start using the Alpha Fibonacci System with Multi Market Scanner and you will know when to trade and when not to trade. You will start trading with quality, spending much less time at the screen and trading stress-free. Choose from Group and Private Mentoring Live Recorded Courses, with and without Software.

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When Not To Trade and When Not To Loose Money

Read our students and graduates Fibonacci Trading Institute reviews who trade various instruments from day trading Futures to position trading Stocks, Options, ETFs and Forex.


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