A Must See Fibonacci Support AAPL, AMZN, Oil, S&P, NFLX

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What does 55 on Oil, 2600 on S&P, 315 on NFLX, 181 on AAPL and 1650 on AMZN have in common: they are all KEY FIBONACCI INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT levels. If next week in the Fibonacci Trading Room, we are not seeing a bullish rally on the S&P: the end of the year will be painful [...]

Learn To Trade Like A Pro With Alpha Fibonacci, S&P and AMZN Review

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The market this week reminded you to pay attention to the Price before you listen to the news. The S&P has been frozen in correction most of the time and rallying from Fibonacci Reversal Zone (see image below) whilst CNBC were proclaiming a collapse of the markets. AMZN had been collapsing from $500 per [...]

See The Consistent Power of Alpha Fibonacci Year after Year

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The formula for success is exactly the same no matter what you do: find what you love, master the task, practice your execution and only then go live. This exact same principle applies to becoming a doctor, a driver, an actor, a football/basketball player. Tom Brady won the Super the Bowl doing all of the [...]

How To Avoid Biggest Trading Mistakes with Fibonacci

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The biggest trading mistake a trader makes is to rely on indicators and trading on the news, instead of trading with knowledge of Price Action. Price keeps forming exact same patterns preset by Fibonacci on any instrument, which are drastically more accurate than indicators or news will ever be. Success in life in every [...]