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The Alpha Fibonacci Method is a proprietary Fibonacci Method for trading the financial markets. It was designed and developed by Alla in 2008 and its continued use is a testament to its proven accuracy. The method uses one of the most powerful synergies ever created, Pure Price Action and Fibonacci. Clearly defined trading rules allow a trader to identify exact trade entry and exit points and capitalize on trading opportunities. The method uses no indicators and can be traded on any market, any time frame and any platform with basic charting facilities. Visit our About Us Page and view the latest Webinar About The Method.

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In the live Fibonacci Trading Room, Alla demonstrates the method on the S&P500 E-mini futures (ES). The Fibonacci Trading Institute Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method will, however, work on any market and any timeframe, as well as on Forex, Stocks, Bonds and Options. The portability of the method appeals to many traders from varying time-zones and those trading preferred instruments. Alla will answer questions in the live Fibonacci trading room about other instruments to demonstrate the versatility of the method.

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Yes, the Fibonacci Trading Room allows Alla to demonstrate the methodology in real time and on live markets. The room is for demonstration purposes to show the accuracy of the method that applies to any instrument, any time frame, and can be traded on any platform. The Fibonacci Trading Room is open Monday through Thursday from 9.30 EST – 12.30 EST. Fridays are devoted to Education. Learn about about our Trading Room and Trading Room Performance here.

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Yes, Alla teaches the Fibonacci Trading Institute Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method™ in the Education Room on a daily basis. She is committed to ensuring that all students fully understand the methodology and can prove that they have sufficient knowledge before entering the markets. Students will have access to all the online education materials as well as receive daily education within the Education Room.
Course duration varies depending on the course chosen, but we find that many students grasp the concepts very quickly having had access to the daily Education Room.

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Currently there are no Free Trials as the price of a monthly subscription is very reasonable. Short term Free Trials do not allow a trader to gain a useful insight of the method’s performance or practices. A short trial period may be taken through a purple patch of market trading or a barren one and as such the person on trial will not see sufficient to make educated choices. For a full month with us for just $27.00 please click here for more details.

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You can subscribe from many of the pages on the website or just go directly to the Subscriptions page which can be found by hitting Subscribe on the main menu bar at the top of this page. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email containing further instructions. Many of our products require that you agree to the Terms & Conditions and will be required prior to moving forward to the secure payment pages.

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You can pay securely either by PayPal or by Credit Card. Payments will be taken on a per calendar month basis and can be cancelled at any time prior to that month’s expiration.

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Yes, you can cancel your subscription in your PayPal account or advise us to cancel any credit card payment by request. Please ensure that if you require us to cancel your credit card payment then the request is sent to support@fibinstitute.com You may cancel at any time as long as it is done prior to the current subscriptions expiration date.

We do not offer refunds in part or whole.

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