When Not To Lose Money with Price Action and Fibonacci Strategies

Every time I receive calls and emails asking: “How many trades per day?”, I know I am speaking to a trigger-happy cowboy, who is sadly a member of the 95% Broker’s Sponsored Club. Brokers love those traders who focus on quantity of trades as it pays for their vacations…not the traders’.

A SUCCESSFUL Price Action Trader focuses on QUALITY and never ever the quantity of trades. When markets are frozen in untradeable CORRECTIONS, like it played out on Wednesday morning: Trading corrections is NOT AN OPTION. Worse yet: babysitting these untradeable corrections produces results that are a complete waste of time and money.

Price Action and Fibonacci shows you in advance WHEN NOT TO TRADE, WHEN NOT TO LOSE MONEY AND WHEN NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME.

Start trading with QUALITY on any instrument you choose, INDICATOR FREE. Review the course information below and start trading like HERMAN does:

“Great class today in my 3rd week and getting a feel for how the program works. I really like the structure of rules for trades. I had other programs and strategies, but this is simpler and puts practical numbers and targets for trades……………really like it!”

JOIN US in the MASTERY COURSES TODAY  and stop losing money and wasting time with corrections.

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