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If you are inspired to trade indicator free with ultimate accuracy on any instrument and any platform: you need to see this webinar. In this webinar you will see the predictive power of the Alpha Fibonacci Method in current markets and prior years on various instruments from stocks, commodities, futures and Forex. Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover in This Free Webinar:

  • How You can Take Advantage of Current Market Rallies and Crashes with Pure Price and Fibonacci
  • What Fibonacci is and Why it’s So Effective
  • The Predictive Power of Fibonacci on Any Instrument
  • Ultimate Accuracy of Fibonacci for Targets on Any Timeframe and Any Platform
  • How Fibonacci Works in the Markets
  • A Behind the Scenes Look at FTI’s Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method
  • Which is More Powerful: Fibonacci or Trading Indicators (and How Both Can Affect Your Trades)
  • How the Alpha Fibonacci Method works on ANY instrument, in ANY time frame, and on ANY platform
  • The Power of Pure Price Action in Trading ( in a Completely Indicator-Free Zone)
  • A Remarkably Simple Approach to Identifying key trading levels for Isolating Trend Reversal and Trend Inception Areas with Unparalleled Accuracy

And so much more!

The Fibonacci Trading Institute was founded by Alla Peters, creator of the proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method. Since 2011, FTI has taught traders of all levels, ranging from brand new to hedge fund managers, from more than 40 countries around the world how to trade with unparalleled accuracy utilizing the Alpha Fibonacci Method. This proprietary method is a highly disciplined, indicator-free, rule based system that works on any instrument, any time frame, and any platform through Pure Price Action for entry and Fibonacci for exits. The Alpha Fibonacci Method focuses on measurable success through technical excellence by providing traders with the ability to execute trades with unparalleled accuracy.

How To Take Advantage of Market Rallies and Market Crashes with Price Action and Fibonacci on Any Instrument and Any Platform

The Alpha Fibonacci Method uses one of the most powerful synergies ever created, Pure Price Action and Fibonacci. Clearly defined trading rules allow a trader to identify exact trade entry and exit points to capitalize on trading opportunities. The method’s remarkably simple approach to identifying key trading levels for isolating high-probability Fibonacci entries and exits, as well as key resistance and support target zones, reveals opportunities for traders while also showing you when to stay OUT of certain markets. The Alpha Fibonacci Method uses no indicators and can be traded on any instrument, any time frame, and any platform with unparalleled accuracy.

With degrees in Education and Classical Music, Alla became an RN at the world-renowned John Hopkins Hospital, specializing in Behavioral Psychiatry. After witnessing the market crash of 2008, Alla recognized that fundamentals and indicators are meaningless if they contradict the price. This led her to develop her highly accurate, indicator-free proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method™ using only Pure Price Action for entry and Fibonacci for exits. This highly disciplined, rule-based trading system works on any instrument, on any time frame, on any platform.


The Fibonacci Method uses Pure Price Action for market entry and Fibonacci for exit. This is the KEY that her method holds for every level of trader. The repetitive patterns of price and the determination of their “key reversal” points leave NO room for most trader discrimination. Traditional technical analysis utilizes many and varied “lagging” indicators, and are ALWAYS behind the predictive curve. This Proprietary method is NOT software, contains absolutely NO indicators, and it can easily be traded from any platform with BASIC charting capabilities. This method has been taught globally since 2011 to traders of ALL levels; from Entry Level to Professional, in family offices and even out to Hedge Funds and Prop Desks. The Core method remains the same today, with some 19 of Alla’s variations to the original, and is a testament to the power and accuracy of Pure Price combined with Fibonacci Analysis.


Fibonacci’s usefulness in predictive charting is hugely important as it is one of the few techniques that can predict where turning points and reversal areas exist within a market’s price action, and at what precise future price point. FIBONACCI METHOD taught in online live classes will teach you how to identify these key areas using our proprietary Fibonacci techniques.
Alla has evidenced the accuracy of the Fibonacci Method in not only her trading room, but through many public and private mediums including webinars, LinkedIn, videos and social media. She continues to do so today.
The accuracy of her method is in such demand that Alla now teaches not just retail traders but also Hedge Fund traders. Alla also consults with Hedge Funds for long term positions.


The true test of any method is in the ability to consistent accuracy. The Proprietary Fibonacci Method has been demonstrated in the Trading Room since 2011 using exact same formula on S&P Emini that applies to long term positions.
Price Action and Fibonacci rule-based method provides clear trading guidelines allowing for the calculation of measurable metrics, the benefit of which provides our traders with clear statistical data to control their risk AND trade management. This system is portable, and works on any security, index, futures contract or Forex pair. Anything with a robust, chartable price action cannot hide its likely turning, consolidating or running points from this remarkably simple and accurate Fibonacci method. Fibonacci Mastery Course is open to traders of any levels.

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