How to Buy Gold Low vs. S&P E-mini High with Fibonacci Precision

Buy Low and Sell High is key to pain-free trading. However, it is not always an option. When S&P keeps creating new highs, the trader will be tested to the core of knowing the difference between buying low vs. buying high.

This week Gold gave plenty of opportunities for longs at the bottom, while S&P continued to give only very aggressive longs with overextended institutional rallies. These extremely aggressive overbought markets can remain for months and even years to come.

With the help of the Alpha Fibonacci Multi Markets Scanner having the choice of various instruments makes it so much easier to buy low Gold vs. buy S&P E-mini high as played out in the Trading Room this week.

The Alpha Fibonacci Method is known for ultimate entries at trend inception and addresses the danger of oversold and overbought markets.

With the help of the Alpha Fibonacci Multi-Market Scanner, the trader has multiple markets and endless opportunities to choose the best markets with the best trades.

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