View How Students Confidently Trade The Alpa Fibonacci Method on S&P and Gold

Mindset in Trading Is Everything.

If you are chasing the markets, being reactive, thinking more trades is more money: you are only human. Everyone had the THC Syndrome at some point (see definition below).

Recognizing that this is not a recipe for success is crucial. Concurring instant gratification, activating a Proactive mindset with buying low and selling high at institutional Fibonacci Levels is the core of the Alpha Fibonacci Method.

From Bill, current student: “Unbelievable: You have totally changed my trading personality. I no longer look for short – and when scanner triggers them – I watch. Much more relaxing – much less stress. Just wait for BIG pullbacks and now a Buy side Trader. If scanner signals long – then I go to work. Thank you”

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Recognizing that majority of traders struggle with THC syndrome, sparked this hilarious email from Mike, current student:

“THC Syndrome (not the chemical thc in cannabais) = Trigger Happy Cowboy Syndrome = a term originally coined by Alla Peters and is one who generally has high levels of testosterone and feels compelled to trade continuously, most often stemming from ignorance and often leading to several negative outcomes, including but not limited to living a life of dis-ease, ie. a lack of ease in many areas of life, increased neurological sympathetic activity resulting in heart palpitations, high blood pressure, decreased bowel movements, frustration, poor self esteem, dilated pupils which will not release from the monitor and more. Ultimately this syndrome may result in death …. of one’s trading account. 🙂 Full disclosure Alla. I have never been a THC (i love your term tho), but i thot i’d define the label as i currently understand it as a sense of humour is essential in life”

View How Students Confidently Trade The Alpa Fibonacci Method on S&P and Gold

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How The New Alpha Fibonacci System Will Improve Your Trading in Current Markets

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