Simplicity In Trading Is The Key To Success. A Must See Fibonacci Reversals.

In the last 10 years I have worked with some of the most accomplished people on the planet who wanted to become traders. I have worked with professional athletes, surgeons, Wall Street Executives, hedge fund traders, beginner traders and they all said that: nothing is more difficult than trading.

I asked, why do you think that trading is so difficult? The answer is because traders are lost under clouds of indicators that do not teach anything about the markets and they keep chasing solutions that teach nothing about PRICE.

Here is the biggest compliment I received from Curtis, a JP Morgan Executive who has just finished the course:

Alla, I must say, you have given me a new perspective on the market. I thought I was a simplicity-driven chartist before, but you set a new standard for simplicity and purity. Your repetition about price with its SIMPLICITY and the importance of knowing where institutions may step in have been super helpful. Course is very good refresher about traditional technical analysis and candlesticks and how much price alone can tell us. Also some excellent “ah ha” moments. Truly exceptional and extremely helpful. Many thanks and all the best.
Curtis, JP Morgan Executive

A trader who understands PRICE SIMPLICITY knows when to trade. This week has been the slowest week since last summer, however flawless Price Action and Fibonacci Formations were still present across all instruments.

The Pound and TSLA rallying despite negative news and NFLX and AMZN collapsing despite stunning earnings shows that FIBONACCI and PURE PRICE can give you the ultimate ACCURACY no matter what instrument you trade.

Power of Fibonacci Reversals on S&P, AMZN, TSLA, GBPUSD, NFLX

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