Simple Price Action on AAPL, S&P and GBP

Every single trader has a different background, different cultural and personal circumstances and all these form the decision making process. Therefore, every trader is attracted to a different instrument and trades different account sizes.

Being self aware and knowing what instrument and what time frame is appropriate for you to trade Is the Key to Success. Only when a trader identifies what is appropriate for their psychological comfort: SUCCESS is possible.

Time and time again I hear from day traders, even complete beginners such as Pablo who never touched a trading platform prior to coming to the Mastery Course. Now Pablo is a full time consistently profitable trader. You can listen to Pablo here in this PODCAST.

“I can never position trade. I enjoy day trading so much! I just wanted to share with you one of today’s trades. As you can see I am trading all kind of strategies that you have taught me. And I always respect pivots!!! Thank you Alla.” Pablo

How Simple Price Action Is on AAPL, S&P and Pound.


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