Self Respect and Self Audit Is A Must in Trading

Every Male Trader I worked with over the last 10 years, except one, Loves to Short The Markets.

As the majority of men are driven by Testosterone which leads to much bigger Ego than Egos of female traders.

Only when a Male Trader becomes self aware and start becoming A Disciplined Intelligent Trader: this Trader will succeed.

Women on the other hand have a much easier time and therefore become successful in trading with a lot less struggles.

Self Audit of Your Trading Performance Is A Must.

Look at your last year or multi-year performance and ask yourself a question: what is the percentage of your shorts vs. longs?

Then look at WEEKLY CHARTS on US INDEXES AND FUTURES MARKETS. IT IS A CLEAR VERTICAL GRAPH UP from 2300 to 3000 since December 2018. (Click on image to enlarge…)

Becoming an Intelligent Price Action Trader who trades with Institutions and Never Against Them: Will Be A Great Start to A Peaceful, Consistently Profitable Trading Career.

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Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System

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If the majority of your trades are shorts: you are trading Against Bullish Institutional Bias.
Now you know why Trading had been a bumpy ride
Next, ask yourself a question: why are you looking for excuses to short?
The only traders who made money last year are the ones that bought pullbacks on ES, YM and NQ.

“Hi Alla – you are an inspiration to all of us and I admire your strength and resolve. I’m fortunate that I can trade from my gym office there in the early morning and from home in the afternoon. Hoping to make the transition someday from JH to full time trading – your help is certainly improving my chances of that!”  Darin

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