In trading there are only Lions, 5% of successful traders or Cats, 95% broker’s sponsored club. The trader, who applies Lion’s mentality has a very steady success path in trading.

The trader, who grabs and chases the markets as Cats does not: this trader speculate, constantly stressed out, has no idea where to enter, where to exit, chasing his own tale. Sponsoring broker’s life style, not his own.

Lion Is A Strategic Trader, who is well prepared and when quality trade is present: taking it down with Confidence using Alpha Fibonacci Trading System with Precise Entry, Precise Stop, Precise Targets.

No speculation, no stress: Only Consistent Trading with Precision and Power.

If you ever wondered why the Alpha Fibonacci Trading System traded in 56 countries since 2011 from Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Options and Forex.

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