Lesson: How To Trade with Ultimate Precision S&P and AAPL Rallies

Every day markets are at different Trend Levels. The trader who understands the difference in Weak Overextended Trends vs. Powerful Trend Inception: trades with much less stress, less screen time and much higher probability. On every instrument and every time frame.

On Tuesday morning we dealt with an Overextended Bullish Rally on S&P: which means Extremely Aggressive Long if you choose to buy Overextended Bullish Rally. This was The Only Option Available at that time. Price Action of Bullish Trend had shown clearly that the success rate on shorts is None. What happened during that time shown in the first video. This Is Part 1 of Early Morning.

Once price reached Alpha Fibonacci Reversal Zone identified In Advance. View in the second video what played out next: This is Part 2 of the Same Day.

If you are ready to trade with Consistency and Clarity.

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Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System

View Lesson: How To Trade with Ultimate Precision S&P and AAPL Rallies

View How Countertrend Short Respects Fibonacci Targets on S&P and AAPL

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