How to Trade Powerful Markets vs. Painful Corrections

This week was a perfect reminder about the importance of Institutional Buy and Sell Fibonacci Zones, which were in play for 5 days during different times in the markets.

The only exception was Thursday morning when S&P was frozen in correction, but Gold was not (scroll to the last 5 min. to see the powerful conclusion).Trader who knows when not to trade: was not wasting time babysitting correction on S&P, and instead had opportunity to take advantage of the Powerful Rally on Gold.

“Hi Alla, I have been trading for the last few years, but not with much success, and I still at times lack confidence. However, since especially starting private mentoring with you, and attending your classes when feasible, I feel that my confidence has grown, and the precision of your techniques and software, has given me the vision, that I will become a successful trader. By far, your course has been the best one yet” Manu

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How to Trade Powerful Markets vs. Painful Corrections

This was A Perfect Alpha Fibonacci Week as students kept sharing their success stories throughout the week from Futures to Cryptocurrency traders to Option and Stock traders in US, Europe and Middle East.

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