How to Trade News Rally on S&P and NQ Futures

The majority of new traders who enter trading to make a living: speculate on every trade. This is typical for 96% of traders who enter trades without stops, targets, hoping that the trade will succeed. These traders are the broker’s favorite clients who fund broker accounts, but not their own.

4% that Succeeds in Trading: enters the trade with Precise Entry, Stops and Targets.

Applying disciplined rules to every trade is the only way to Successful and Consistent Trading. This is the only trading that works even during most volatile unexpected news as you can see in this video.

Take advantage of the biggest $2000 discount now and your trading will change forever.

Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System

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If you are ready to join the ranks of 4% Successful Traders: I look forward working with you! View and Listen How 4% trades.

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