How To Trade Like Hedge Fund Manager Does on Gold and SP500

It had been a slow start to the week.

No surprise here: Fibonacci Rally from Institutional Trend Inception taking a major pause as rally reached Key Fibonacci resistance.

Joseph, Hedge Fund Manager, a student in Mastery Course, taking part of long term position on Gold since 2018 as Gold reached Daily Fibonacci Reversal Zone. Where Gold had been staging bearish pullbacks as expected for the last week. The exact same strategy applies to S&P day trading charts. As you can see in this video:

Alla, I must say, you have given me a new perspective on the market. I thought I was a simplicity-driven chartist before, but you set a new standard for simplicity and purity. Your repetition about price with its SIMPLICITY and the importance of knowing where institutions may step in have been super helpful. Course is very good refresher about traditional technical analysis and candlesticks and how much price alone can tell us. Also some excellent “ah ha” moments. Truly exceptional and extremely helpful. Many thanks and all the best.” Curtis JP Morgan Executive

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