How to Trade Fibonacci Reversals with Institutions

This week for the first time since December the institutional bias changed to Bearish. It is essential to know where Institutional Fibonacci Reversal Zones are in order to identify market reversals. The area where S&P collapsed for the third time in the last 2 years is at the 2800 level which had been projected in the Fibonacci Mastery Course and the TRADING ROOM since 2016 as shown in the video below.

Only Fibonacci Retracements can identify these Trend Reversal Areas months and years in advance. Knowing these Institutional Reversal Zones is crucial for a day trader who wants to trade with institutional volume. This is the exact same S&P crash and the exact same strategy that played out on Day Trading Trend Charts as shown by the exact same price action patterns. The only difference is risk management and trade hold time.

A trader who masters Fibonacci Retracements and INDICATOR FREE PRICE ACTION can trade any market and any timeframe. Many students and graduates of the course do so on charts from 5 minute all the way to long term investment charts such as weekly: where the trade hold time can vary from days to weeks and months.

The Alpha Fibonacci Retracement Strategies are the core of the FIBONACCI MASTERY COURSE where every single strategy applies to any instrument and any time frame. Traders from beginner to hedge fund trader are in the course right now mastering the Alpha Fibonacci Method to trade on any platform and any instrument.

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How to Trade Fibonacci Reversals with Institutions

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