How To Avoid Biggest Trading Mistakes with Fibonacci

The biggest trading mistake a trader makes is to rely on indicators and trading on the news, instead of trading with knowledge of Price Action. Price keeps forming exact same patterns preset by Fibonacci on any instrument, which are drastically more accurate than indicators or news will ever be. Success in life in every field comes from knowledge. Which is exactly what is needed for success in trading: becoming a knowledgeable Indicator Free Price Action Trader. Newbie traders who just enter the markets are especially vulnerable as every indicator looks so easy, but after a while it becomes very clear: relying on something other than Knowledge is never a recipe for success. Oil news event this week was a reminder of the danger of trading on the news and indicators, instead of relying on Indicator Free Price and Fibonacci. Oil collapsed despite highly bullish news: Price and Fibonacci levels identified in advance kept a trader on the right side of the market. The exact same formula applied to S&P, EURUSD, TSLA, AAPL. View The Key to Success Is Price and Fibonacci.

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Oil News and S&P 27 Trades, EURUSD, AAPL, TSLA.

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