How to Apply Fibonacci Targets. Advice from one of our Graduates.

This week we dealt with an overextended rally at the Key Fibonacci Reversal Zone, when prices danced in correction in very weak markets until Thursday when prices finally took off well before we saw the bullish news. And, once again we were on the right side of the market using Fibonacci Support Levels identified weeks in advance for entries and Fibonacci for Targets on charts from 1 min. to daily.

In the course students are discussing what they trade and how they mastered the Fibonacci Trading Institute Method For example, here is invaluable advice from our graduate, Gene, who is day trading the S&P and Options to a new student Anna in the Fibonacci Mastery Course on May 15.

(11:04 am) H Gene W: Anna, I use Alla’s teaching and direction using Fibonacci Analysis Short and Long Term to set up Vertical Credit Spreads on Various Underlying Instruments. The last 6 months I’ve mainly been Selling Vertical Spreads on our main trading underlying /ES Future because I can check and if necessary adjust it basically 24/7.

One Promise I can make to you –if you are Teachable and will Listen and Follow the direction and trading Rules Alla Teaches You will be a Profitable Day Trader using the Charts as we did this morning and placing Option Trades which may last from a Day to Months without Worry and Stress if placed with the institutional trading direction at the time of the trade placement. Blessings!! gene

If you want to day trade indicator free and use the same strategies on Options and Position Trading, join Gene and Anna in our Fibonacci Mastery Course Today! You will never need another indicator again.

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