FOMC Recap: A Must See FOMC Bullish Rally

FOMC day was one of a kind as this was a day filled with not just FOMC, but also with Brexit, China, Impeachment Noise and Oil News. Which created very powerful opportunities for a trader, who is well prepared with the Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System.

The Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System once again identified critical points of Exact Entry and Exits well before the FOMC EVENT on S&P and Oil News, days in advance.

And, here is the class about Trading during the Most Volatile Financial Event of the Month: (if you’re not interested in the class, but only in the Alpha Fibonacci Precision: forward to the last 8 minutes of this video)

If you are ready to trade like Steven: I look forward working with you!

Take advantage of the last space left with a $2000 discount and enjoy A Powerful and Precise Rule Based System with Live, Recorded Classes and Multi-Market Scanner and Trade Recognition Software.

Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System

FOMC Recap: A Must See FOMC Bullish Rally

“After 10 years of searching I have a Trading Room with 1. Mentor who is sincere and genuinely wants me to become an outstanding trader. 2. Indicators that mark entries, targets and stops on every trade. 3. Scanner that can follow 50-75 charts. 4. Archive of 100+ educational videos. 5. Daily Trading room where I meet with Alla and a great group of people who are supportive of me. My search is over…thank you Alla.”  Steven

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