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How was your 2018?

If it was not so great it was because most traders are looking for a quick fix by chasing news and indicators, which is NEVER a route to SUCCESS. 2018 was an INCREDIBLE YEAR for our students, who know extremely well WHEN TO TRADE and when not to trade no matter what instrument and on any platform.

This is what Tom, a current Options student shared in this PODCAST about his journey to SUCCESS.

If you are staring at the screen for hours during these slow corrective markets, not having a clue what Pure Price Action is, it is more than likely because you spend endless time chasing indicators. How does this work for you? Spend your time wisely like Tom has done.

“Your Youtube Channel is AWESOME! I ALWAYS CHECK TWITTER AS WELL. This is THE BEST TRADING ROOM. I love hearing your analysis on Oil and stocks.”  Phil

Mastering Fibonacci Retracements on AAPL, S&P and Oil News, Before and Now

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