Brad’s Journey to Success

Do you ever ask yourself the question: why are less than 5% of traders making money?

I have observed over the last 12 years that 95% of those who are constantly losing money, all want a Magic Bullet. All are CHASING INDICATORS and no matter how much money is lost when one indicator fails, there is always another one waiting around the corner… Indicators fill the human need for INSTANT GRATIFICATION where they believe that “If I just push this button then I will print money NOW”.

My students, who MAKE AN EFFORT and join the ranks of the 5% SUCCESSFUL TRADERS, have stopped wasting time, stopped losing money and started mastering INDICATOR FREE PRICE and FIBONACCI. SIMPLE. Nothing else is needed. EVER. No matter what instrument and what platform is traded.

Brad, my current Mentoring Student has been through the indicator grind and suffered the pain of trading indicators for the last 20 years. He finally realized there had to be a better way and he stopped the cycle of indicator insanity.


Join us in Fibonacci Mastery Courses Today and Start Joining the Ranks of the 5%: All You Have To Do is Make An Effort. THE SOONER YOU START AND THE MORE EFFORT YOU PUT IN: The More Successful You Will Be.

Mastery Courses

View Brad’s Video: His Trading Journey To Success.
If Brad Can Do It after 20 years of trying: SO CAN YOU.

Read our students and graduates Fibonacci Trading Institute reviews who trade various instruments from day trading Futures to position trading Stocks, Options, ETFs and Forex.


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