The critical part of trading is TRADING INDICTOR FREE PRICE. If you can do this: you can trade anything you choose on All Instruments as Price Action Remains the Same no matter if its 1 min. Future or Weekly Gold, Stocks or Options.

You Will Benefit Tremendously from ANNUAL Alpha Fibonacci Genesis Boot Camp with a Lifetime License of the Genesis System for Any Platform or Life Time Software for Ninja 8 with Multi Market Scanners with Savings of up to $5000 to New September and October Students with 3 Months Group Live Classes, 6 Months Private Mentoring with Video Library and Modules Available 24/7:

We will be focusing on INDICATOR FREE DAY AND POSITION TRADING ON ALL INSTRUMENTS in Our ANNUAL Genesis Trading Boot Camp Oct. 26 – Nov. 6, Where You Will Master Trading More than Ever during 10 Days of The Most Volatile Markets During Presidential Election Week in US. Futures, Stocks, Commodities, Bitcoin, Option, Forex Traders of All Levels Are Welcome to Join Us in The Most Powerful Trading Event of 2020. Sooner you start, more prepared you will be for the most powerful markets ever.

Become an Alpha Fibonacci Trader

The Power of the Alpha Fibonacci System & Genesis Trading Boot Camp

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