A Must See Fibonacci Support AAPL, AMZN, Oil, S&P, NFLX

What does 55 on Oil, 2600 on S&P, 315 on NFLX, 181 on AAPL and 1650 on AMZN have in common: they are all KEY FIBONACCI INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT levels. If next week in the Fibonacci Trading Room, we are not seeing a bullish rally on the S&P: the end of the year will be painful as 2600 is the life line on the S&P. This support is becoming more and more fragile and if this support is out: the market will sell off (see the image below).

Next year: the market volatility will triple and the knowledge of Price Action will be tested to the core. If markets are taking a pause during holidays and frozen in correction as price has done most of this week: this is by far the best time to learn to prepare for freefall.

Learn to Trade like a Pro using a Rule Based Method with a Proprietary Fibonacci Tool you can install on any platform of your choice and trade on any instrument of your choice.

Start any day in any of the courses and review videos from previous classes’ the moment you sign up. Spend time mastering price action 24/7 in your free time and ask questions in live classes!

A Must See Fibonacci Support Across
the Board AAPL, AMZN, Oil, S&P, NFLX.

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