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“Get rid of all those indicators. Fibs and pivots rule!! Alla, Thank you so much for showing me the insider view of trading.Have a special, wonderful and joyous Holiday Season.” Brad 12/2018


If you are ready to start trading stress free without indicators using Pure Price for Entry and Fibonacci for Exits, this Foundations course is for you. This 6-weeks software free Price Action and Fibonacci Foundations Course is the starting point for traders from beginner to advanced trader who want to trade indicator free  Alpha Fibonacci Method. Discover the Indicator-Free Rule-Based Method using the Proprietary Fibonacci Tool, master the settings of the tool, learn how to install the tool on any platform and how to trade this tool with Price Action Only on any instrument.

It is never a requirement to attend all classes and the Trading Room,
and you can start or stop the classes any time.

All classes are recorded and posted in the member area to review the moment you sign up.

This method can be used for short term day trading, position trading, and Options trading that apply to any instrument, any time frame, any platform.


  • Rule Based Indicator Free Foundations of Alpha Fibonacci Method
  • How to Set Up, How to Use and How to Trade the Proprietary Fibonacci Tool
  • This Tool is Not a Software or Indicator
  • How to Apply Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Tool on Any Platform
  • Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Strategy Applies to Any Instrument, Any Platform
  • Indicator-Free Price Action for Entry and Fibonacci for Exits
  • When to Enter the Markets
  • When Not To Trade
  • How to Identify Powerful Trends vs. Weak Markets
  • How to Identify Key Turning Points in the Market
  • The High Accuracy & Predictive Nature of Fibonacci
  • Master Price Action Patterns
  • The Building Blocks of Market Structure
  • The Importance of Price Pivots and Why They Matter
  • How to Identify Market Corrections and How to Avoid Them
  • What Charts to Trade and What Charts Not To Trade
  • Trading Plan
  • Risk Management

And So Much More… Plus, you’ll get access to:

  • 6 Weeks Access to the Trading Room Mon – Thu 9:30 – 12:00 EST
  • Live Online Weekly Classes, Wednesdays 12:00 EST
  • Trading Education Modules, available 24×7
  • Educational Training Videos, available 24×7

Fibonacci Foundations Course

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“Simply the best”!!!! Their is no truer statement I can make concerning Alla and what she shows us on a daily basis. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts and giving us the opportunity to learn and be successful.” Jernard, 06/2017

“Good morning Alla, I became aware of you and your Fibonacci system at the beginning of March, am taking your education course, have removed all indicators and trade exclusively based on your Fibonacci levels. You can see what has happened to a small US account I have and in particular how my trading has improved since I made the switch to Fibonacci. Have a great day and a very big Thank You,” Charles, 05/2017

“Alla, you are just AMAZING! Every time I listen to you & learn, I get Inspired about not only trading & Flawless Fibs, but Freedom & Life…there are very few Gem Teachers with Great Heart & Love for students as you!” Diane 03/2017