A Must See 100% Success. 1 Space Left in Boot Camp.

A Strong Mind Set Is A Must to Be Successful in Trading and in Sports. The most important how the trader/athlete comes back from failure. The Intelligent Trader Is Well Prepared for extreme highs and avoids ultimate lows: as every day is a test just like in sports.

Tom Brady came back from negative 13 to winning Super Bowl number 6: he was well prepared. But despite winning, after every Super Bowl he went to another Boot Camp number 100+ to perfect his craft.

Brad accomplished 100% in November, but after 385% return in less than a year, came a lot of pain as you can see in video below. Brad will be in Boot Camp number 3. Because the more he strengthens his mindset, more strategies he masters, the more he will be prepared for any markets’ tests and he will continue enjoying his trading.

Take Advantage of This Once In A Life Time Event!

Only 1 Spot Left in the Genesis Trading Boot Camp December 2-13 with a Lifetime License for Genesis Trading Software (a discount of $5000 to new students)

Genesis Alpha Fibonacci Trading Boot Camp

Every Live Boot Camp Session will be recorded and will be available 24/7 in addition to: 3 Months Live Group Mentoring with 100+ AFS Live Class Recordings. The Genesis Boot Camp and Software are included at not cost with AFS Total Strategies and Software (a discount of $5000 to new students).

Alpha Fibonacci Total Trading System

A Must See 100% Success Prior to 3rd Boot Camp

We will start daily on Monday, December 2nd at 9:15 EST with focus on Confident Mind Set of A Successful Trader. It is not a requirement to attend: videos will be available 24×7.

Then we will move on to Alpha Fibonacci Strategies in Live Markets with Focus on Genesis Strategy with Software on S&P, Dow Futures for day trading and with Stocks and Forex long term.

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